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Pay Your Invoice Online:  We continue to use  Freshbooks for our invoicing. Don't worry, we still take cash and checks; we can also process your credit / debit payment by phone. Call our office at 763-533-9460.

**Congress Approves Tax Overhaul**

Our tax fees include a 1/2 hour meeting with Robert, electronic filing of your return, and direct deposit/debit  set-up. Our tax fees do not include audit support.
  • 2017 Mileage rates
    • Non-reimbursed Business Mileage: 53.5 cents/mile
    • Charitable Miles: 14 cents/mile
    • Moving & Medical Miles: 17 cents/mile
  • Charitable Contributions of autos, boats, and planes for which the claimed value exceeds $500 must meet rules that can limit value of the donation to the amount the charity sells the item for.
  • When providing Long Term Care insurance information for possible credit, please provide premium and policy number information.
  • Do not have dependent children claim themselves on their own return
  • All cash donations exceeding $250 must be accompanied with detailed receipts. The IRS requires donors to keep receipts (cancelled checks, letter from donee, or written record of donee, date and amount of contribution) for ALL charitable contributions no matter the amount.
  • Clothes and donated goods MUST be in “good used condition or better” to qualify as a charitable contribution.  All items that have “minimal monetary value” will be denied a deduction. Donated goods totaling over $500 must be accompanied with receipts listing the date of the donation(s) as well as the name & address of the organization(s)
  • We will continue to process MN Property Tax Refunds later in the year as the state does not issue these refunds until mid-August at the earliest. There is an additional fee for Property tax processing that will be invoiced at the time of filing
  • Report all Roth payments for 2017 so our system can keep accurate records.

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Pastors:  Your documents are now downloadable, click on the form you need and print.  
Corporation Owners:
  • 1/31/18 – Filing deadline for W-2 Forms and 1099-Misc forms
  • 1/31/18 - W-2 Forms are due to your employees
  • 1/31/18 - 1099 Forms for recipients over $600 are due
  • 3/15/2018 – 1120 & 1120S Corporate returns and MN fees are due
  • 9/15/2018 – Extended 1120 & 1120S returns are due

  • 5/15/2018 - All 990's (990N, 990EZ, 990 and 990Ts) are due 

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4/9/2018–  1040 Extensions:
You MUST call our office before this date if you need an extension.

4/16/2018 – 1040 Tax Return Due Date:
tax and returns are due

(IRS penalties and interest may apply if not paid)

10/15/2018 – Extended 1040’s are due




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